07 August 2006

WASL Problem

Imagine a district where approximately 120 students are eligible to retake the Reading portion of the state test. All students must take and pass the exam in order to graduate (or at least take the test twice before seeking an alternative pathway). Slightly less than 30% of the eligible students register for the retake. Of those, only two-thirds actually show up to take the test. How many students came to the retake this morning?


I figured that we'd have a couple of no-shows, but 13? It did make for a much simpler day, but it did make us scratch our heads a bit as to why so many students didn't make it to the test. We had been a bit worried about finding enough space for the 100+ scheduled for the math portion tomorrow, but after today, I don't think we'll have any problem. Even more mystifying were the students who attended the Reading Summer Seminar all last month and didn't come to retake the test. Why would you spend so many hours in a prep class and then not bother to come for the big event?

I will say that the kids who did show up today were focused and diligent in their efforts. I really hope all of them were able to pass this time around. Math, in all its glory, starts bright and early at 8 a.m. tomorrow. Maybe a few more students will be able to get out of bed for it.


Unknown said...

I don't think that I will ever truly understand those students who really just don't care about graduating.

There does seem to be a lot of them, though.

Anonymous said...

Liz here from I Speak of Dreams. Did you see the posts at Eide Neurolearning on writing and the WASL? WASL and Dyslexia and WASL and Math

Some really interesting reading there.

The Science Goddess said...

Thanks for the tip! Those are definitely interesting reads.