11 July 2006

Summer Seminar vs. Summer School

Summer school---the kind that parents and kids pay for and students can receive credit if classes are completed---had its kick-off yesterday. There were lots of last minute registrations. Most of these were due to the schools sending out notices late, rather than families being lazy about getting kids enrolled.

My teachers and program are an oasis. And after working for the Summer Seminar, I don't think these teachers will consider doing regular summer school again. Why? First of all, we pay more. Our math stipend is $7200---and yes, the teachers do work more hours than they would in summer school, but they also have far fewer students. The Reading teacher has 6 kids and will make as much as if she'd taught the 30+ high school kids downstairs. Meanwhile, there's no grading. Kids do receive formative assessments all the way along, but with 6 - 14 kids in a class, the take home work is minimal. And finally? The curriculum is already pre-designed. So much for planning time.

As for me, I have a pretty sweet deal, too. Most of the work I was hired for is complete. I'll have to deal with the WASL retakes in a few weeks, but otherwise, this has been about the easiest $10K I've ever made. It will likely be the last attainable (and generous) stipend, too, as a "Student Success Specialist" has been hired to do this job full-time and year-round.

Eighteen more days. :)


Ryan said...


Great googly moogly, I'm only getting $1700! Sure, it's a 4 week program, but golly!

Jenna said...

umm... I'll be available for the "Summer Seminar" next summer! Not only am I being paid a lot less, but dollars to donuts I'll be asked to "volunteer" for the WASL testing in Augst.

The Science Goddess said...

Reading is getting $2700 and Writing $3300. Teachers are paid for contact time with students + 15 minutes before and after class + 1 hour planning each day + WASL proctoring days.

Come on over next summer!