13 July 2006

Save Us, White Boy!

I met with the new me today: the person who will take my summer work and make it a full-time year-round position. I was on the interview committee for this job and this guy was not the first choice. We were railroaded by the new Boss Lady who had apparently made up her mind before we interviewed anyone (and she was ably assisted by one of the junior high principals).

I truly hope that I have to eat my words about this guy. I'd like to think that he will be someone who can not only figure out how to work with the high schools to help kids who don't pass the state tests---but also can do something about the frightening achievement gaps we have in our elementaries. But after spending time with this guy today, I think Boss Lady 2.0 made the wrong call in hiring him.

He comes across as a smug know-it-all creep. And that's probably the nicest way I can describe him. Gosh, the elementaries must not know how to grade. He'd better look at the report cards and see what's wrong with them. He'll fix communications right up with parents by sending out more letters. Can't the clerical staff make all the hundreds of phone calls? (He has a reputation of crapping on secretaries and not being able to finish tasks on his own.) He doesn't need anything we developed this spring, because hey, it's probably useless anyway. If he heads out like a bull in a china shop to the schools in a few months, he's going to send a message he can never overcome.

Half of his job is to be the district resource person for "cultural competency," a role he thinks he's highly qualified for. You see, he worked with the privileged offspring of diplomats at a private school in Africa. I do imagine that gave him some experience in working with a variety of viewpoints, but that's not the same as working with Kurdish immigrants, welfare families, and the other stakeholders we have here. And he's white. And male. I know he can't help that, but I think the district would have done well to recruit someone who has other connections to the community.

Mighty White Boy looks like he's going to crash and burn. Oh, I hope I'm wrong. There's too much at stake for our kiddos.

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Christine said...

Oh. My.

We had a superintendent who came in a remarkably similar manner. She lasted less than a year (and cost us a bundle to get rid of her). I don't envy you or your school district if he is allowed to behave like he has all the answers without really looking to see the problems.