17 July 2006


I find it hard to believe that school has nearly been out for a month...and one month from today is when the new district hires will be reporting for their orientation meetings. Somehow, I think those meetings would be far more fun if there was some sort of secret handshake and ritual involved. So far, there are 20 new hires, but none of them are new to the profession. My .2 job as mentor to new teachers is looking pretty darned cushy at the moment.

Summer Seminar kicked off its second full week today. This program, too, will reach its midpoint this week.

I connected with another specialist today at an all-day project that has been part of our lives since January. We spent most of the day just catching one another up on various things that we've been working on since school got out (like planning for the new kit center and impressions of Boss Lady 2.0) and thinking on to all of the things for next month. Neither of us has the official summer vacation, really---just a lull in activity between school years.

But it is definitely summer outside. Sunny skies, warm temps, and cool lemonade abound. Maybe being in the middle is just another way of being at the center of things. No matter how much work is still floating around, it feels good to be in the midst of summer.

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