08 July 2006

Cause for Alarm?

Our Summer Seminar program begins in earnest on Monday. We'll add Reading and Writing classes to the mix. So far, we've just had kids coming for help with math. Two parent phone calls this week left me scratching my head.

In the first case, the parent was frenzied because her child "was learning new things." Yes, you read that correctly. I wasn't aware that this would be a bone of contention about the program, but I have been duly served notice of it. I admit that there isn't anything I can really do about this...and even if I could, I'm not sure that I would make an effort. I believe that new learning is beneficial.

Secondly, I had a parent who couldn't believe that her son would ditch class. "He said he's been going." Um, okay. I'm sure he's been going somewhere during the day---but he hasn't been with us. Was I sure I checked all of the classrooms? Yes, all two of them. I'm not sure what direction things took at home Friday evening or if this conversation will continue. It seemed to me that the parent could ask the kid for samples of the work completed as evidence of attendance...but what do I know? I'm only there to actually see the kids.

There's certain to be more interesting exchanges with parents over the next few days and weeks. En garde!


Mr. McNamar said...

And it isn't just the question or remark that is so amusing, it is the honest "I really believe what I just said" mentality that goes along with it. Your experience reminds me of the time I was blamed for "stealing my son's scholarship" because I wouldn't just pass a substandard essay that is required for graduation.

Stephen said...

It is nice to think that your kids will have your genetic advantages. It would be so easy. They could just muddle through school like you did and achieve the things you achieved.

But we've passed the point where it means everything. Your average library has more information than your genes. Clearly, if you want your kids to have an advantage, you're just going to have to spend the time telling them that genes aren't something you wear to school on Friday.

My son is adopted. So, it'd be nice to say that i (helped) pick(ed) a smart one. But when it comes down to it, he picked us.