12 July 2006

Boss Lady 2.0

In all of the hullabaloo regarding getting the Summer Seminars up and running, I've neglected to share much about Boss Lady 2.0. The first one got a job at the state head shed mid-June and departed about 6 days later. "2.0" was serving another role in the district and was appointed to be the Big Cheese of Curriculum.

It doesn't appear the Boss Lady 2.0 is going to represent something terribly different for our department. She has been jealous of the resources this department has and now that she has them, I think she'll manage them well. Some of these resources are people, to be sure, but she isn't interested in micro-management any more than the previous jefe. Meanwhile, any projects that were lined up for next year are still lined up. She isn't going to alter any plans that have already been set into action. This is a real relief.

There will be a few changes. We are actually going to have department meetings, something each of us asked for in our individual meetings with her. Communications might actually be improved. Boss Lady 2.0 isn't wrapped around the finger of our literacy specialist---so all of the coaches and subs that are currently apportioned for writing will likely be reassigned after this year. Everyone in the office (except for the literacy specialist) is happy about this.

Welcome to the new Overlady. The Queen is dead...long live the Queen. Or, whatever's appropriate to greeting the new boss. Long may she reign. (And I hope I don't have to eat these words.)

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