03 July 2006

Ahead of My Time (For Once)

One of my goals for last school year was to make a class blog work. I wasn't terribly successful, in part to the lack of cooperation from our district tech service. They thought I should be grateful that my class had the only blog allowed in by the nannyware. What more could we possibly want to do other than look at it? Who needs to post or comment?

Although not a goal for the year, I also had an interest in Moodle as a tool for a variety of things. Here again, I was stymied by our tech department. Open source software? Horrors!

Maybe I was just ahead of my time. Our tech department has since gone to trainings in other districts on Moodle and is pushing it hard. And blogs? Our area Educational Service District is offering professional development for teachers in order to use these in the classroom. We will have new filtering software next year---and perhaps it will be more permissive.

I'm frustrated by the lack of opportunities I was able to provide this year because of what little support I could get. It looks like if I'd just been able to wait a year or two, I could have been on the bandwagon. That would be a whole lot more fun than battling city hall just to get the parade permit.

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Stephen said...

Maybe i should do tech support for local schools, as a volunteer. Since they won't have any budget, i could bring in Linux, apache, postgres, perl, and all that free stuff.

They couldn't fire me.