16 June 2006

We're Safe

By yesterday evening, I had figured out who the new Boss Lady would be. There was only one logical choice...and the fact that my current Boss cc'ed me on two e-mails to the new One pretty much made things clear.

Those of us who work in Curriculum could do far worse than who has been assigned to ride herd on us. She gets rave reviews from the secondary principals (over whom she currently supervises) and seems capable and friendly enough. The principals were worried about who would be their boss now, and although we've all heard the answer to that question, I haven't seen any admins to get their reaction. My guess is that they won't be jumping for joy, but will also be relieved that it's someone they know and have worked with in the past.

My goal this weekend is to write up something about what my job is and describe the various irons I have in the fire. Considering the scope of the job she's been assigned to, there's going to be an intense learning curve and I think I would do well to help her know how to help me.

There will be one person in our office who is going to be very unhappy with this new change, as our current Boss Lady has given her quite the gravy train. I don't think our new supervisor will change anything that has already been set in motion for next year, but I think that math, science, and secondary ed are going to get a lot more (and balanced) attention in very short order.

So, welcome to Boss Lady 2.0.

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