18 June 2006


My additional duties over the summer include managing a summer program for our sophs who didn't meet the standards on the state tests in April...and making sure the retakes in August run smoothly. School isn't out yet (3 more days!), but I've already been getting the program components in place.

This was the week that student enrollment began. I had lots of parent phone calls, many of which provided me with "too much information." For example...
  • My husband and I are having a fight. Ht thinks that our daughter take the class this summer and retake the test in August, but I think she should just continue her math sequence in the fall and retake in the Spring. Which one of us is right?
  • It's ridiculous that kids have to explain their reasoning on the test. No one has to do that in the real world. You just call someone and get an answer. That's all that matters. Why should my kid have to write out answers on the test?

Not to mention the number of families who didn't read their letters properly, seem to have been living in a bubble over the last 5+ years and claim to never heard of graduation requirements, or are under a delusion that their kid is going to make up several grade levels in reading during a 16-session prep course. How about moms who are more worried about how their sons are going to be able to go to weight training for football with this pesky math class interfering? (Keep in mind that the tutorial options are free and not mandatory.)

I have quite the call log going. Part of the reason for it is that we actually get money from the state for all of this "academic counseling" I'm doing. But the other part is simply a way to document all of this in case these same parents want to sue the school district for not helping their children to graduate.

There is a job posting right now for someone to do this job full-time. I've been asked to sit in on the interviews. It will be really good to pass along all of this (especially the TMI tidbits) to someone else...especially the phone calls.

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