22 June 2006

P-A-R-T-----Y? Because I Gotta.

Now that the school year has wrapped, the festivities for staff are underway. We had a luncheon for Curriculum today---and a chance to toast our accomplishments and say farewell to those who are moving on to other jobs.

This afternoon was another fete at the home of one of my cohorts. This time, we could have a little wine to use with our toasts, breathe some fresh air, and laugh out loud. We all needed to celebrate and take a step into summer.

It's true that most of us will be at work in the morning. It's not really summer holiday yet. There are trainings to set up for Monday, meetings with principals, new hires to interview, and summer programs to get off the ground next week. But the chance to blow off some steam will go a long way toward making that grindstone look a whole lot more appealing.

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