20 June 2006


Things have been a bit tense around Curriculum lately, but you know things are bad when two people get carted off to the emergency clinic before noon. One was a teacher who came to a training on the math adoption and had some sort of panic attack right after things got started. My understanding is that it took a lot of finesse to get the teacher out of the room and to help. The other casualty was another curriculum specialist. I guess there had been so much tension that her neck and back seized up and she couldn't move. She, too, was a challenge to get to a point where someone could load her in a car and get her some aid. We all felt so helpless.

There are two more days of school (including today) and most of us in Curriculum will be working until the end of the week. If Monday was any indication, perhaps the district should have a nurse on standby for us.

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