26 June 2006

Gearing Up for Next Year (Already)

Sure, the 2005 - 2006 school year came to a close just a few days ago, but today we forged ahead with planning for 2006 - 2007. After all, it's less than 2 months away.

An official publisher's rep headed up here to provide a day of in-service for our grade 6 - 9 teachers on the new curriculum. Although there was a lot of excitement about the new materials, the presentation was horrible. The rep was a retired teacher---and one who had obviously burned out on the classroom before she left. Nothing says enthusiasm like a person who doesn't enjoy kids. Anyway, we survived the morning and my sixth grade teachers had a very productive afternoon without the trainer. My 7 - 9 teachers didn't fare so well. Most of them bailed early in the afternoon---and I couldn't blame them. The poor things.

Meanwhile, I ran down during my lunch break (not that I got lunch---the rep ate mine...and hers) to drop the elementary science bomb on principals. I expected a rather nasty reception. I'd already been warned that five of them were on the warpath. But as I sat there, I realized that I just wasn't going to give them the option of being ugly...and amazingly enough, they weren't. Mind you, I didn't provide any time for them to ask questions or think too deeply. It may be that there are some interesting e-mails in the next few days.

Things are off on the right foot for next year. Yes, already.

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