30 June 2006

Adventures in Pseudo-Administration

As soon as the Hedgetoad survives her AP training, she's heading back to her district to teach WASL support classes. Our state has identified students they think would most benefit from a bump in skills before the August retakes and then provided a targeted curriculum to do so. The state has also provided grants to districts (based on the number of kids who need help) in order to pay for these "extended learning opportunities."

And me? Getting this program off the ground for my district has been my task over the last couple of months. The Summer School Principal and I have worked closely as our programs are housed in the same building and run on similar dates and times (for the most part). We've hired staff for one another and have been busy taking care of issues of food, transportation and room assignments.

My program began yesterday for math. Thirty brave students are coming to take a 5-hour math class for 20 days. They now have two under their belts. For me, things are about to get really boring. I got the staff picked and trained. I made nearly 200 phone calls and enrolled kiddos...worked with parents...and coordinated with others. Things should run on their own from here on out.

But there are always going to be issues...and although there is an official admin for the summer, he's not going to be around very much. Summer programs are housed in three different buildings and the little tykes and SPEDs will need him present much more than the secondary program. So, I get to be the default for problems. It's already been...interesting: talking through transportation issues with bus drivers, dealing with a mess in the bathroom, and calling parents of students who have yet to show up (in case their parents think they've been coming here).

The early start with this math program is a great opportunity to get my feet wet. We have a couple more days of class next week before the "real summer school" hits. Should be quite the adventure from there on out.


Amerloc said...

And good luck to you. I fear the parallels between "quite the adventure" and "may you live in interesting times."

So good luck.

The Science Goddess said...

Thanks. I'm hoping that things will continue to move along smoothly---but once the rest of my program starts on the 10th (along with the regular summer school), it could be quite the ride.