07 May 2006

Why Have One When You Can Have Seventy-five?

The Oregonian is reporting that a high school in Beaverton has 75 Valedictorians this year. Apparently the school district gave each school a lot of latitude in applying a new grading system for selecting valedictorians. One school has a singleton...another has 75.

Some say that the idea of recognizing an outstanding academic student is outmoded. In today's world of over-emphasizing self-esteem, some claim that it hurts the feelings of other graduates when they don't get that level of attention at the ceremony. Others claim that excellence deserves to be lauded...rewards for modeling high achievement in any form should be available.

It sounds like the Beaverton school district is going to continue to have valedictorians. But next year, there will be a single district policy for the identification of the top grad.

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