08 May 2006

Whew...We Made It

The Exam was today. The big one that's for all the marbles: the 2006 AP Biology Exam, brought to you by the College Board.

I met the kids starting about 6:45 in our cafeteria to get them a bit of breakfast, deal with some last minute questions, and get them on the bus to the testing site. The bus was supposed to pick them up at 7. It was late, which worked out well since two of my charges had yet to arrive.

The last kid didn't arrive quite late enough. She showed up in the cafeteria about 7:10 to tell me that she didn't think she wanted to take the test. I don't think this was really true---although I have no doubt she had some nerves to deal with. If you don't want to take the test, you show up for class later in the day or not at all. You don't show up just before the bus leaves and claim you've changed your mind. The other kids and I reminded her that she had nothing to lose by trying---just go and do it. And she did.

I next saw them at noon. We had arranged to meet for lunch and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. As always, they looked like they'd been hit by a bus, but they were otherwise doing all right. We had accurately predicted which lab would be the source of one of the free response questions, so they felt really good about that. It'll be a long wait until August to see the scores.

The next AP Bio teacher is already making plans and I am ready to hand off the program. Last year, I really had a lot of ambivalence over the reduction in my teaching day. This year, I am comfortable with the elimination of it. There are wonderful opportunities for me in Curriculum and I know that it will serve future AP students well to have a teacher who can give them more attention. We'll all come out ahead.


Amerloc said...

I had, as you do, mixed feelings about leaving the classroom. It has proved a blessing for me, for, as you say, "we'll all come out ahead." I certainly did.

I trust (and I mean that: I trust and believe) your kids will do well. You have prepared them to do exactly that, you expect them to do that, and they have risen to the occasion.

The pity, of course, is that it takes until August to find out.

The Science Goddess said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence---for my students and for me.

I feel fortunate to have had so many good experiences in my career and to have worked with incredible students. I can't help but think coming years will be the same.