06 May 2006

They Came...They Saw...They Studied

My students stopped by this afternoon for a few hours of comaraderie, copious amounts of Wheat Thins, and some last minute biology.

I will miss working with students of my own next year, no matter how many classrooms I visit. Their energy and positive outlook is always refreshing---especially when I can think of adults I know who have nothing but hate and misery in their hearts. It's so good to see kids...the future...that has hope and possibility.

How will they do on Monday? It's a guessing game. Six of the eight have a very good shot at a three or better. But I have known students who could have easily done well on the test and just didn't perform well...and others I was sure wouldn't "pass," and did.

We are looking forward to our celebratory lunch on Monday. We all deserve a reward.

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