04 May 2006

Reality Can Be a Bummer

My district is starting to have to face a lot of hard budget issues. The Supe sent out his letter last week and things haven't gotten any rosier since then.

So what do you choose: have a fine arts program or librarians? School nurses or secretaries? Do you buy books for students or athletic equipment? Who gets the fun job of suggesting that a school (or two) be closed?

Over the years, lots of things have been trimmed from the budget. We've protected as many programs as we can, but they are starting to realize that moved up on the list of cuts due to the loss of so many others.

Things look bleaker in years to come. There's declining enrollment, more demands from the government, and we have to make some ugly choices. The current one deals with instructional materials. We found out today that there will only be $300K for k-12 materials. The new science adoption for grades 6 - 9 will be $225K. Will we get the needed books for next year? Will math? What about other grades and subject areas?

Not everything will be a loss. It appears that I will be gaining two more Boss Ladies next year. I don't know if I like this idea yet. I suppose I need some time to get to know them and see what their values and plans are.

Next year's gonna be a whole lot different. There's no escaping that reality.

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