06 May 2006

Preparing for the Onslaught

The AP Bio Exam is bright and early Monday morning. My kids are (finally) starting to get a little panicky about taking it, so I'm having an open study session at my place this afternoon to calm their nerves and see what final pieces of advice I can dispense.

In previous years, I did a much more intensive review session, but I hadn't planned on one for this year because my students are very independent and introverted. The idea of a "group" event didn't seem to be one they would cotton to; however, earlier this week, the kids were asking if we could do something over the weekend, and I have hastily made some invitations.

This morning, I need to arrange for some snacks and get the place straightened up a bit. I hope I remembered to bring home the "right" sorts of materials for the review. If not, it should still be all right. Today is more about building up confidence than learning. Better to have them here together than stewing alone at their homes.

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