01 May 2006

The Pawns and the King

A select few of us from Curriculum made the trek down the hall and into the Supe's office last week. If we are, indeed, part of union negotiations (as in, the union getting rid our jobs), then we thought it best to be proactive. This meant not only providing some clarity around our roles with the district, but also to gauge where the Supe sits with all of this.

The reality is that with the budget projections being what they are, no one can really claim immunity. And even if our positions stay "safe," I get the impression that they could look quite different at some point in the near future. The Supe is already drafting out a new "management plan." In some ways, this is good. It will more clearly define the roles of administrators. What will it mean for us in Curriculum? We are "resources," so we will be assigned to whatever supervisor fits the Supe's new plan.

This is a little nerve-wracking. I have felt like I've been in a custody battle at various meetings this year when my Boss Lady and another mucky-muck were both present. Now I understand that I really am being fought over---as well as the other "specialists." Do we belong to our Curriculum...or are we an arm of "Teaching and Learning" (who directly supervise principals)?

I didn't get the impression that the Supe will make any major changes for next year, but I won't be surprised to discover that next year introduces several shifts in the power structure. And for the pawns.

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