20 May 2006

Other Duties, As Assigned

Ah...the phrase most educators dread: "...other duties, as assigned." It's kind of the escape clause in the contract for the employer, although it certainly doesn't give them free rein on your role.

It is Saturday, but the Boss Lady is at work and her e-mails have me scratching my head a bit. Will I be doing the mentor program...or not? Will I be running the science kit center? And apparently I'm being moved to another part of the building...instead of up to the center. It's all sounding a bit odd. That coupled with the other various bombshells dropped yesterday should make for an interesting week of gossip while the Boss Lady is on holiday next week.

Considering that I don't have an official job description now, "other duties, as assigned" is looking like it's going to be my main thing next year.

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