24 May 2006


...or "How not to be graceful."

It's no secret to regular readers here that there are changes in the wind for my district. However, when I hear/read something that is not said to be confidential and involves another person (or department), my assumption is always that the other person already knows this information.

Wrong assumption this time.

On Saturday, the Boss Lady told me that it would be "prudent" if our library services were located in the same place as the science kits and media. After all, they will be in charge of circulation.

When I mentioned this yesterday after a meeting with one of the library people, it was all brand new to her. And let me tell ya', that staff ain't too happy right now.

We met again today, and even though the Boss Lady is out of town, it turns out that the meeting planned for today was to talk to the library people about moving. So, they would have heard it anyway...and not from the Boss Lady (which is where it should have come from, I believe). Anyway, I feel bad about disrupting their little world, even if that wasn't my intention. I just couldn't imagine that the Boss Lady would say that they could be moving without at least discussing it with them first.

The Boss Lady's Gal Friday said that the Boss Lady had tried to have the conversation in her own way, but the library people didn't pick up on things. I guess she should have been more obvious with her thinking.

Too late now. The cat's outa the bag...and not in the most hospitable fashion. But we'll all have to make the most of things as they are. There are going to be changes for all of us. We can either be proactive and help with the planning or just let it roll over us.

Where is that cheese, anyhow?

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Laura(southernxyl) said...

My boss and I were told a couple of weeks ago that our facility will close in the next year or two. We were told early because we have to go to Michigan to view the new lab space next week, we had to start thinking about it, and he really hopes we'll relocate. But I couldn't tell my people. They knew something was up because there'd been rumors and they kept asking. The best I could do was to say "there's nothing I can tell you." Now that it's official, one of them is really mad. I hate it but I don't know how it could have been handled differently, from my end at least. I don't know why he had to string it out so long, but presumably he had reasons.