26 May 2006

Good Juju

Okay, so I'm not really superstitious. But I have to tell ya', whenever I wear a certain pair of earrings, it doesn't rain. There must be some good juju there. I'd take a picture and display them, but I don't want to cause any riots. Everybody would want a pair. Anyway, we needed something extra our our side today because it was supposed to be rather stormy most of the time.

I took my kiddos on a field trip to the zoo today. We had a good time and I learned some new things today. There was an elderly couple that I met while watching the Siamangs. One of the animals came up to the glass and put her hand against it to meet up with the palm of the woman. It was obvious the ape recognized her. A bit further down were the orangutans. Again, one of the females followed her along the glass and sat down while the woman showed her several different sparkly objects. The couple spends a lot of time at the zoo, apparently, and so the animals know them and enjoy the communication.

I watched fruit bats respond in a Pavlovian way to a light cue...and then have some territorial behaviour displays around the food.

I heard a 3-year old remark "Holy shit! That's a big bear!" to his mother...who was unfazed.

And I saw former students during each ferry ride. They were fun to chat with and catch up as to where their lives were leading. I'm always so proud of them.

It wasn't until the ride home that I realized that this was it: the last field trip I will organize and take with kids for awhile. And then I figured out that I have 17 days left in the classroom. Out of the 2700 (roughly) of my career, I will soon be down to single digits. Holy s..! Well, you get the idea. Thank goodness for all of the favourable juju over the last 15 years. I hope there's plenty more in the tank for the next 15.

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