28 May 2006

Getting the Message Out

There was an article in the local paper today about the district budget woes. Part of it alluded to looking at a school closure (or two) during the next year. I'm glad this idea has been made public. I noticed it on an August planning page for administrators someone had left beside our copy machine last week...and among notes on the white board in the room where my elementary group met. I covered the board with chart paper so that we could take notes, but I was also uncertain about whether or not I really wanted them to notice what all was on the board.

School closures are always contraversial and highly emotional affairs. I'm sure that discussions next year won't be pretty, but it is an alternative we will need to examine.

I have felt rather nervous about the speed with which we're doing the elementary science alignment. We took months to choose things for secondary---we have weeks to do k-5. But if we don't buy curriculum now, I don't think the money will be there in another year. We will have to make the best choices that we can and plan as best we can for sustainability. With science being one thing kids have to achieve proficiency with in order to get a diploma, I know that we will suffer the fewest cuts.

In the meantime, it should be interesting to hear reaction to the article in the paper and other thoughts from teachers as all of this begins to seep out. Maybe it's a good thing it's nearing the end of the school year and we can all escape the drama for awhile.

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