19 May 2006

Anarchy in Curriculum

This week, the Reading Specialist was offered a job teaching kindergarten in a nearby district. She had applied for it, feeling ineffective in Curriculum and missing the work with little kids.

Yesterday, the person I've been working wth on getting the new science kit center up and running interviewed for an elementary principal position in our district. If she doesn't get that one, she will be looking at another in the same district as the Reading Specialist.

The Math Specialist was recruited by the nearby district yesterday. There is a specific job they want her to apply for---actually at the same school where the admin position will be for the other gal. We also found out today that there will be no money to support math and science curriculum at the elementary level, which means that this very gifted teacher will no longer have access to classrooms. Seems like a no-brainer that she'll go elsewhere.

Gotta wonder what The Boss Lady is thinking.

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Christine said...

Ugh. So what happens to all the work you've done with the elementary science teachers - are they on their own now? It seems so shortsighted to take away that funding. If students don't have a solid base in the elementary grades, the high schools will have to pick up the pieces.