09 April 2006

The Other Countdown

The AP Bio Exam is now less than a month away. I could always use more time to prepare the kids, but we're on track to finish talking about the major topics in the next couple of weeks.

This time of year always makes us (teachers and kids) a little anxious. The next session of the WASL will start in just over a week, with AP testing on its heels. There's going to be plenty of stressed out people running around.

I feel good about the chances my kids have to do well on The Exam this year. It's a small group, but they're committed to doing well and have a solid knowledge of the curriculum and have accumulated some good test-taking strategies and essay writing skills. They'll be okay if they can just hang in there another month.

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Ms.Tinynose said...

I know the feeling exaclty. I will miss teaching next year, but I definitely won't miss the stress of the test. It's just so nervewracking.