14 April 2006

Money Well Spent

If you want to read about the collective wisdom of the NEA, there are plenty of edubloggers out there who will give you an earful. Washington is a "closed shop" state---if you teach, you must pay dues to The Union. You can "object" and have part returned to you or all donated to a charity of your choice. But the full amount of money (over $700 in my district) leaves your paycheck each year.

So, not only do they rape money from my pocket every month---now they're out to take away my job. And not just my job. They're out to get rid of every staff member who works in Curriculum. Why? Because our collective salaries could be divvied up amongst the other 800 teachers to give them a pay raise. The Union seems to have forgotten that if they send us back to the classroom---fifteen teachers will lose their jobs due to seniority issues. Not to mention that the district is overstaffed and some teachers' positions are already on the chopping block.

The Curriculum Dep't. has requested a liaison meeting with The Union to find out what their intentions really are. If that doesn't go well, we'll work our way up the food chain. There aren't any guarantees, of course, but there have been precedents of people who went above the local union reps and achieved wonderful results.

Would I be upset if I went back to the classroom full time? Nope. I enjoy my time with kids. But considering I'm paying $700+/year in extortion fees to the NEA Mafia to "protect" my job, doesn't that mean they shouldn't try to cut it?

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Coach Brown said...

The fees are crazy. And here in California, they keep raising them over and over to fuel their political machine. And nothing improves.

Might as well call it what it is. A tax.