08 April 2006

Feasting on Junk Science

I ran across this article yesterday on the "Top 10 Junk Science Stories of the Past Decade." A the top of the list? The whole thing about dioxins being released from plastics. I really had to shake my head when I saw this, as one of our ass't. principals recently forwarded this "news" to everyone in the building. And when other staff members pointed out that it was all bunk, she still wouldn't concede. Then, one of my stepsisters forwarded the same bit of "news" this week. Thank goodness for the delete key.

I suppose one person's trash is another's treasure. But in this case, it just reinforces to me that quality education in science is increasingly necessary in today's world.

There are lots of great reads out there which help debunk the junk. One of my favourites is A Fly in the Ointment by Dr. Joe Schwarcz. He's a chemistry prof who got interested in stories like the dioxin after getting calls from the public or from reporters about these sorts of tales. He's written several books now, all worth checking out if you can.


Amerloc said...

Your Foxnews link has an extra http// in it, which causes it to malfunction. Took me a moment to figure out why it went to Microsoft...

The Science Goddess said...

Thanks! I think I got it all fixed now.