24 April 2006

A Different Sort of Tired

When people ask me about my job in Curriculum and how it differs from the classroom, I tell them that it's a "different kind of tired." The end of a day at school meant physical exhaustion and spiritual depletion. I carried home kids each day---at least in my mind. I had stacks of mind-numbing papers on the weekend. I rarely have that sort of weight to deal with anymore. Instead, there's a sort of mental tiredness that comes with a Curriculum job. The issues are just huge. And today, the teachers I worked with got a taste of that.

During the morning, we plowed through the goal of mapping the seventh grade Curriculum and captured some ideas for the alignment. I sent the teachers to lunch and drafted up a template for them. They worked to apply it in the afternoon, but things were not as simple as they would have liked. Their eyes started to glaze over as they realized the true scope of the task. We put things away a little early, but they do want to keep at it. They were pleased to know that I have budgeted for sub time next year and that there will be some space in the day at our June training on the new materials.

I have two more groups to "make tired" this year. We'll see if the 8th and 9th grade groups can massage the template into better shape and push things a little farther for all of us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking ahead a couple of years and contemplating what sort of advanced degrees I would like to pursue, but I'm in a strange place: I had always planned on going for an MA in English Education, but I just started teaching Spanish, and I have enjoyed it more.

This is where your post comes in.

I was thinking of pursuing curriculum instruction instead. Can you give me a little advice on what sort of things one needs to...well, that one needs to LOVE to go into this part of the field? I'm not a fan of carrying home the loads of papers, and while I love the kids, their mental weight can be a bit much.

Any advice you can offer will be much appreciated!