26 March 2006

Spring Cleaning

A few small changes to ye olde blog. I've swept away Mz. Smlph, although I would be delighted to add her back to my blogroll if she reappears. I also took off Overeducation. New additions to the sidebar include Today's Homework which is artfully produced by frequent commenter Graycie; and, Wulf the Teacher, a fellow science teacher/blogger-in-arms. I hope that if the Queen of the Cottage finds a new home for her blog and will let us know the change of address. It'd be a shame to miss out.

In the midst of doing some cleaning here in the real world, I've irritated my wart again. You see, I've had this wart on my thumb for nearly two years. I've tried everything---short of going to a dermatologist---to send it packing. I've even done the duct tape thing, which resulted in a nasty reaction. All of my skin in the area where the tape touched became inflamed and then peeled off. The wart? Bigger and badder than ever.

I have a colleague who froze off plantar's warts on his feet. However, I'm not brave (foolish?) enough to hold a funnel to my skin and pour liquid nitrogen into it. This guy said that after the pain subsided, he scooped out the wart with a spoon. Mmmm.

It's time to do my Spring Cleaning at work, too. Now that some major projects are winding down, I really need to get my file cabinet whipped back into shape. I haven't a clue what all is lurking in there, let alone how to find it.

One more week until the Break...


Christine said...

I'm picky. I've been sitting in front of my computer trying to think of a new name. It's driving me crazy.

The name should mean something, but it shouldn't be easy to track me down using it. Since this is just my teaching journal (I have a livejournal for other stuff), it should have something to do with teaching. Sigh.

I liked being Queen of the Cottage.

Hg said...

When I was a kid, my mum got rid of my wart by cutting a peice of banana peel to the size of the pad of a bandaid and sticking it on.

The problem is, I can't remember for how long, but I think it was longer than sounds apealing as an adult. You'd also have to find a bandaid that you can keep on for days without an allergic reaction even if you change the peel and bandaid often.

I'm not sure I'd even advocate this method really, but I guess it depends how desperate you are...

Good luck with the wart and the filing cabinet too!

The Science Goddess said...

I might check out the banana peel thing. Sounds interesting!

Hey, "Queen," any luck yet on your new name? I suppose "Princess (President? Pope?) of the Portable" isn't quite the same. :)

Christine said...

Ohhhh, that could work! It's not quite as queenly, but it's close enough.

graycie said...

Thanks for the link -- and thre compliment ("artfully" -- my goodness me!) I read your blog regularly and I've learned about what they do "up there" at the supervisory level. I admire your ability to keep so many balls in the air and to not flap about at recalcitrant teachers, lack of the necessities, frequent presentations & meetings above and beyond, ever-changing expectations, and on and on.