02 March 2006

A Preview of Coming Attractions

A teacher in my building recently married a woman who is interested in making the jump from the science industry to the classroom. She will stop by my class tomorrow---one of three Fridays this month that she'll sneak a peek at an AP Bio class.

I never mind guests in the classroom, but I do think that my class is very atypical. It's small. It's comprised of highly motivated kids with a strong interest in science. They can read and have relatively good study and homework habits. Also, AP is not a typical curriculum and I certainly approach things differently in there.

I don't think she'll be bored. Tomorrow, we kick off the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and all the goodies that go along with that. In following weeks while she's there, we'll work through some genetics and evolution. I hope she'll be more than an observer. It would be good to have a bit of real world input for the kids.

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