11 March 2006

On the Loose

VH1 is running another of their mini-series on pop cutlure. This time around: toys. Number 24 on the list of 100 was water guns. Seeing this triggered a memory from my first year of teaching.

At the end of the year was a sort of non-student day. The kids would come in the morning to pick up their final report card, but that only occupied an hour or so. We had to hang out the whole day, even though there was really nothing left to do. For whatever reason, water guns had been very popular with the kids that spring. There were a few boxes full of confiscated toys in the office. It's probably not hard to imagine what you get when you combine a summer day, a school full of bored staff, and lots of water guns. I'm sure that this was not how taxpayers imagined their dollars being spent, but we had a great time.

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graycie said...

When I was a baby teacher in a junior high just outside Baltimore, water pistols were very popular with the kids. Everyone tried to be the teacher who took the first one away from a kid. That way, you could hide it behind a book you were holding in the teacher's lounge and then snipe away at your unarmed colleagues. During your planning period, you would stroll the halls and take pot shots at teachers whose doors were open. As more and more of us acquired armament, it became more and more of a fire fight (well, maybe not fire . . . )

Thanks -- I haven't thought of that in years.