25 March 2006

Now We Know Part of the Answer

This is the first year that meeting the standards will be required for graduation. Mind you, this applies to this year's sophomores (class of 2008) so that they have additional time, if necessary, to retake the state test or pursue an alternative route.

The state is pouring money into support classes and remediation. This is helpful, but of course I wondered who would teach it? I'm fortunate to work in a larger district and we can probably find some way to entice a few more teachers to give up their summer in order to help tutor kids. I'm not sure what all of the small districts are supposed to do.

I've been asked to coordinate the summer program for my district, so I guess I know part of the answer to my question of last month. I won't have to teach the modules, just get things organized and help run the WASL retakes in August. Might be an interesting way to spend some time this summer.

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