20 March 2006

Keeping It Real

A lot of decisions about science in my district have been made during the last year. We have revisited our scope and sequence, will finish up our materials' adoption process tomorrow, and are in the midst of getting remodeling projects underway at two schools.

It isn't like any of these things have been a secret. You couldn't, even if you wanted to, in this sort of organization. But it only seems that now that people are taking notice.

Tonight, I've been asked to be available at one of two of the junior highs' registration nights. Parents are getting concerned about the impact on student schedules due to the full-year science requirement. So are the teachers of elective courses.

The Boss Lady and I are off to one of the high schools on Wednesday in order to meet with World (i.e. "foreign") Language teachers about the impact to their programs. That won't be a particularly pleasant sort of event, but I'm hoping that we can keep focused on student needs. The Boss Lady is always very eloquent and diplomatic---she's quite good at getting people to see things her way, all the while making them think it was their ideas they're spouting. It's quite the talent she has.

I'm not sure where everyone has been while we've been working through this process. Now that it's all very real to them, they seem to coming out of the woodwork...some armed with torches and pitchforks. Transitions are never as simple as we might like, especially those from the realm of possibility to reality.

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