07 March 2006

Fussy, Fussy

I was whining to some teachers I worked with today. You see, we have our first week of WASL testing next week. (Perhaps you've noticed the Hedgetoad and Mr. McNamar noting the same.) Only sophomores are required to take the test. In the past, we haven't had much flexibility in what we do with juniors and seniors during this time period, but now we do. Now we have too much flexibility.

There are only two more school days this week (Friday is an staff inservice day.) and we teachers have yet to see a final schedule of events. Does this not seem a bit late to you? What am I supposed to tell my students who come from another school to take my class? And my Boss Lady at Curriculum?

Really, I just have to go with the flow on this. It's just a bit irritating that no one bothered to work on these issues until this week...and they're still working on them.

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graycie said...

If you worked here, I'd guess that stuff had been worked out, but simply not told to you yet. When you get the info, it wil be wrong in any number of ways, and it will be your responsibility to figure out a solution. Because you are a classroom teacher, there will be many factors that you are not aware of as you struggle to find the solution to scheduling/whatever problems.

ALL of the problems will be ones that could have been handled easily by someone in authority, if there is such a thing.

(Do I sound bitter?)