27 March 2006

Full Steam Ahead

My sixth grade materials' adoption group met today. I really like those people. Today was our last meeting and I was actually a little sad that I won't have them together again.

There are a lot of details to finalize, but basically, they're ready to roll for next year. In some ways, we feel like we have to get this in place by the fall because there are so many district initiatives that are slated to start the following year. We need to be ahead of the curve if we can.

The teachers like knowing that the curriculum will be the same program as what the junior highs are using for grades 7 and 8. They feel like this will help kids be able to better make the transition from elementary. There will be some grand needs for professional development and support in the coming year. It's all doable---we just need to keep it in mind.

The next step is to work with the publisher to get some details in writing---prices, dates for the delivery of materials, and so on. And then it'll be time to talk with principals, schedule trainings, and so on. Forward march.

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