23 March 2006


My district seems to be in the grips of la grippe. At least one of our schools is approaching 25% absenteeism among the students. A school I visited yesterday actually had to call 911 in order to get a kid out safely. In one of the junior highs I worked in today, there was a bottle of disinfectant wipes sitting by the office phone so that things could be cleaned in between kids who were calling home.

We've been asked to reinforce good flu hygeine with students tomorrow: cover your mouth when you cough, wash your hands often, maintain your personal space around other people, and so on. It's probably a good thing that it will be Friday and kids won't be congregating in large numbers over the weekend. Maybe this will give us a bit of a break.


graycie said...

We've had an awful respiratory thing going around -- but now there are signs of a hits-you-all-of-a-sudden stomach flu -- with attendant unpleasant consequences if an afflicted kid doesn't make it to the restroom (or even to the hall with a trashcan) in time.

Three more weeks until Spring Break. I don't see how we can make it.

The Science Goddess said...

Oh, we have the stomach version, too. I heard a tale last week of an elementary where the kids were lined up with their buckets. Ugh.

We only have one more week until Break. Then kids will be free to head out to other parts of the country to share their germs...and collect others.

Good luck with the trials in your district. Hang in there!