04 March 2006

Check It Out

Perhaps you've heard that there's more to life than what happens at school. Mind you, if you're new to the profession, you might not believe this. Anyway, here are some interesting things to see and read, if you get the time and opportunity:

  • The Saddest Music in the World---a film where a Depression Era beer baroness (who has glass legs filled with beer) holds a contest in Winnepeg in order to determine which country has the saddest music. Throw in a nymphomaniac with amnesia and a family of men with their own problems, and you have quite the musical.
  • Kung Fu Hustle---Okay, so martial arts movies aren't really my thing. But this one, with its pop culture references, comedy, and stylized look captured my attention at the beginning and didn't let go. It's a great way to escape for awhile.
  • Holmes on the Range---What happens when two cowboys in the late 19th-century become involved in a mystery at the ranch they're working? They have to solve it a la Sherlock Holmes, of course. This is a wonderful read. I'm hoping it is the first of a series.
  • The Caliph's House: A Year in Casablanca---(from Publishers' Weekly) "When Tahir Shah, his pregnant wife, and their small daughter move from England to Morocco, they enter a realm of "invisible spirits and their parallel world." Shah buys the Caliph's House, once a palatial compound, now heavy with algae, cobwebs and termites. As Shah remodels the haunted house, he encounters a cast of entertaining, sometimes bizarre characters. Three retainers, whose lives are governed by the jinni, have attached themselves to the property. Confounding craftsmen plague but eventually beautify the house. Intriguing servants come and go, notably Zohra, whose imaginary friend, a 100-foot tall jinni, lives on her shoulder. A 'gangster neighbor and his trophy wife' conspire to acquire the Caliph's House, and a countess remembers Shah's grandfather and his secrets." A true story which has to be read to be believed...and even then, I'm not sure I do.

Now, back to work.

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