08 March 2006

Aw, Hail

As I drove home in a hailstorm earlier, I remembered the following episode from my youth:

When I was in high school, I had a friend with several younger siblings. The youngest, Sarah, was at the 5-year old know-it-all stage and was great fun to be with. No matter what the question was, she could tell you the answer.

Sarah and I sat on the front porch one sunny afternoon in order to discuss more about Life, the Universe, and Everything. She told me that if someone was bad, they'd go "down there." Sarah pointed her hands toward the steps in order to emphasize her point. "You mean, under the house?" I asked.

"No." she said emphatically. "You go to H-A-I-L."

Keep in mind that this was west Texas, so her spelling reflected how people pronounced the word.

I smile everytime I remember this story. Never mind how old I feel when I remember that Sarah is all grown up, been teaching biology for a few years, and is getting married in June. I wonder what stories her own children will tell.


Mr. McNamar said...
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Mr. McNamar said...

Come on over and vote for what we should name these H-A-I-L storms. Also, get ready for the big WASL H-E-L-L storm!