11 February 2006

Teacher Leadership

One of my ongoing projects at the moment is the work toward my EdD in Teacher Leadership. My area of focus will be revamping our district elementary science program. This is a great way to apply my studies, but it is making writing an upcoming paper rather difficult. If I hadn't chosen some action research for my work, this paper would be a lot easier to create.

Here's the prompt:
Within the context of a professional learning community, in what ways does a leader take a proactive stance to articulate and promote a vision that addresses current issues while balancing the legitimate concerns of a constituency?

We're supposed to address this by relating it to our area of focus "through the lens of history as well as the lens of contemporary theories." Um, okay. If I just had to deal with the prompt, I think the direction to take would be much more clear. There's plenty of good stuff out there on "PLCs" and teacher leadership. Historical context as it relates to revamping an elementary science program? Not so much.

I think I'm going to have to throw in some additional education-ese and explore the idea of "transformational leadership." Maybe my saving grace here will be to look at things from a "World is Flat" sort of viewpoint: information is not a barrier between parties in education anymore. Expertise can be shared.

Anyone have other ideas?

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