28 February 2006

Role Reversal

I have a situation in my AP class that is completely new to me: a kid wants to stay in the class...and his parents want him to drop. I'm used to the other situation---where a kid wants to get out of a class and his/her parents think they should keep at it. I don't know quite what to do this time, because the student is in a very awkward position: to stay in the class means defying his parents.

I talked with his mother. I explained that I had offered for her son to take the class "Pass/Fail." That way, he would still have credit, it would show up on his transcript, but it wouldn't impact his GPA. This would relieve some pressure on the kid and yet allow him to stay in the class. Her stance is that if he isn't earning a grade, what's the point in taking a class?

The kid would be happy to stay in and take the class Pass/Fail. With only two months to go until The Test (not that he's planning on taking it), we are very nearly done with our curriculum. Why "quit" now?

We'll see what happens. I talked to his counselor so that she would know the situation the kid is in and I guess we'll go from there. I'm hoping that this will be the first and last time I run across this sort of dilemma.

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graycie said...

". . . if he isn't earning a grade, what's the point in taking a class?"

To, um, learn, maybe? Hooray for the young man who wants to stay. Boo for the parents who don't get it.