07 February 2006

Pleasant Surprises

I have to admit that I didn't have a lot of enthusiasm for today's meeting. But Life is full of all kinds of surprises---some of them are actually quite good.

Things went very well today. I know that two of the people weren't wild about participating, but they showed up and had a lot to contribute. We were more or less able to stick to the agenda throughout the day. Any birdwalking that was done had a good purpose behind it as people had a variety of questions they needed to ask. By the end of the day, we'd dissected a standard, identified some aligned activities, and agreed on a couple of formative questions (as well as the "big idea" for the summative) to use with all students. I walked away with a very positive mindframe.

I then discovered that tomorrow is not the day that I am scheduled to be in three different meetings at ten a.m. It turns out to be next Wednesday. Tomorrow is available to take care of several small tasks that have been hanging over me---like getting out the information to teachers about the curriculum materials pilot. We'll see what other pleasant surprises lie in store.

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