09 February 2006

No Joy in Mudville

In the last eight weeks of school, I've visited six different elementaries. Each one has been by invitation. Teachers and principals are starting to get a little nervous about what's happening in terms of science education in their schools. They're looking for help and right now, I'm the go to gal. So, I'm getting to see quite a bit of the county as I travel around on Thursdays. Today was the last scheduled visit.

I was second billing on the staff meeting today. The first act was a discussion about what the staff will do if one of the support positions in their building gets cut in the upcoming district budget work. As you might imagine, the thoughts weren't very pretty.

By the time it was my turn at bat, there wasn't a smile in the place. I was a little worried about turning things around. Could I take their minds off their problems for a bit and perhaps offer some solutions in other areas? Would I be perceived as adding other things on their plates? But I hit another home run, if I do say so myself. We shared some laughter and they had some generous applause for me at the end of things.

One of my resolutions this year was to "make the load manageable." I'm still trying to work on this for colleagues around the district. People actually looked a little less stressed when we finished talking today. Maybe I'm on the right track to make the resolution a reality. There may be some joy in Mudville after all.

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