06 January 2006


I can't remember when I've been so busy---much less at the beginning of a semester. I've been to three different fifth grade classes to do some "bubbleology," presented ideas for inquiry to another elementary staff, and the Principles of Technology brouhaha has eaten up more than half a day (thus far). There have been lots of other little things to eat up my time. So much for easing back into the semester.

Next week proves to be very full, too. I have a meeting Monday to hash out a lot of the questions facing elementary science. Tuesday is the second all-day meeting for the grade 6 materials adoption. I see science department chairs from the junior highs on Wednesday to talk about whether or not we should continue to offer "advanced" classes for grades 7 and 8 (and also deal with the Principles of Technology issue for grade 9). Then, it's off to the school board to ensure a smooth adoption of the course proposal changes. This is the last step in getting full-year science in place.

I am also starting to juggle the demands of my graduate class. At this point, it's fairly straightforward...but there are lots of small deadlines and pieces to keep track of. With everything else happening in my life this week, it was a little difficult to roll this in.

But, it's Friday. And not a moment too soon. :)

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