09 January 2006

Myths and Realities

I admit that when I was in the classroom full-time that I would look wistfully at the people who worked at Central Office. Imagine...getting input on your working hours...having a whole hour for lunch...no kids (or parents) to get on your last nerve. Summers must be a dream.

Some of this is true. Hours are a bit flexible if you prefer to come and leave early---or if you like a later shift. Those who regularly take an hour for lunch are also those who have extended days. They are not certificated personnel. However, if I want to take a longer lunch now and then, nobody bats an eyelash as long as I put in my requisite hours that day.

The reality is that people in our central office work pretty darned hard. Is it as demanding as teaching? I have a hard time comparing the two because the demands are so different. I may not bring home quite as much homework, but the projects I do have are much more global in nature. It's more mentally draining.

I realized today as I looked through an program for an upcoming conference that I was highlighting things that fit my curriculum role...not my teacher self. This is the first time I've had that intuitive sort of bent to things. Maybe I'm starting to see the reality of myself in this job.

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