20 January 2006

Moving Forward

Life in the classroom often feels like a continuous (and often ponderous) march through the year. Life in Curriculum is different. Here, "hurry up and wait" is the frequent order to things.

Right now, we're in "hurry" mode.

The decision about leaving the consortium and running our own science kit center has precipitated all sorts of events. Several of us toured the current facility run by the consortium. The space is owned by our district and will be returned to us sometime in the next few months. It was our chance today to scope things out. On Monday, I'll be meeting with the supe (along with the Boss Lady and another curriculum specialist) in order to lay out things for him. After that, I have a feeling things may get really ugly with the consortium.

Meanwhile, there is one science kit that we use that is not part of the FOSS program. This kit was slated to be overhauled this spring. I had been assured that the woman spearheading the process was going to guide the whole thing. Only she changed her mind yesterday...and now it's my task to lay out the plan. Oh, we start on Wednesday.

I would be unhappy about this, except this is also the woman who has access to an $80K grant she can provide my district to help with our new elementary science kit program. It also means that we can do a bit of a "test run" on aligning one kit before we try to do the complete overhaul next year with all of the other kits. And, we can make sure that we have a quality product. I just hadn't planned on spending my weekend this way. I am glad, though, to have two quiet days at home to deal with this.

This has been a whirlwind week and next week looks about as blustery. I'll be glad to reach a "wait station" again soon.

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