30 January 2006

Mid-Year Report Card

I posted my New Year's Resolutions in September. Maybe I should see how well I'm doing with these. After all, second semester begins tomorrow.
  • Class Blog---I'm still fighting with the tech department on this one, with yet another meeting scheduled in a couple of weeks. I would have to give it an "F" as a class project at this point, but most of that is not the fault of students. Distict censorchips are keeping them from taking advantage of this format.
  • Implementing the Holy Grail---This probably deserves a "B." I am getting pretty good about watching the clock and scheduling activities of different lengths and various intents. I just need to do it every day that I'm in class...which isn't as often as I'd like.
  • Reading Strategies/Study Skills---A "B," too, at this point, because I'm at a point where I'm pushing the little ones out of the nest. I've done a lot of modeling this year. Now it's their turn.
  • Spend Time in Other Buildings---This one is hard to score. My original intent was to do this with secondary science staff. What has really happened is that elementary classrooms have been opened to me. I've gotten my foot in the door of half of our elementaries so far this year. This is a tremendous bonus. So, perhaps a "D" for making progress on my original plan, but a lot of extra credit for all of the schools I've picked up.
  • Make the Load Bearable---Maybe an "incomplete" here. I am still working on some ideas. I do think that the new science classrooms, full-year format, and new curriculum materials will make a world of difference next fall.
  • Personal Time---I didn't start the year thinking that I would pursue another degree as my "hobby," but I am very pleased with my choice. An "A," for sure.

The year ain't over. I have some time for improvement. Here's looking forward to Spring 2006!

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