12 January 2006

It's Official!

The Science Recommendations were formally approved at last night's school board meeting. This means that all students---regardless of which school they attend or their personal ability level---will have a full year of science instruction at grades 7, 8, and 9.

I started this process nearly a year ago and it has been a real learning experience. Numerous people along the way have contributed a lot of time, energy, and good thoughts. I'm so glad that there's a positive end to the story being written.

There is still much to do in preparation for rolling this format out in August. We are still selecting materials. And we need to get the science areas at two schools remodeled over the summer. Now that the school board has given their seal of approval, I expect that these other areas will move along much more smoothly.

In other news, do stop by Jenny D's place and check out this week's edition of the Education Carnival. And, my contribution (such as it is) to the blogosphere is a finalist in the "Education/Homeschooling" category of the Best of Blog Awards.

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