31 January 2006

Gun Shy

Last month, I sorta worked with a group of teachers. I say "sorta," because even though I was charged with arranging subs and planning out the day, once people were there, the meeting got hijacked.

The next meeting is scheduled for a week from today. Once again, I've arranged subs and have been asked to build the agenda. I'm not finding any particular enthusiasm for the task this time. I'm worried about getting burned again.

The department chair is planning on being there and I'm not thrilled by this prospect...but there isn't anything I can do about it, either. He admits that his agenda is driven by developing a document he could hand any incoming teacher so that they'd know what our biology curriculum is. This is not a bad goal---but it also doesn't do anything to effect a change about what happens in the classroom. He admits that no one thought the last meeting was valuable, although each person had a different reason for that.

So, I don't know what I'll be blogging about next Tuesday. I suppose I have to just keep my fingers crossed that I can get excited about planning this meeting...and then being allowed to carry it through.

1 comment:

Amerloc said...

Lord, grant me the

serenity to accept the things

I cannot change,

the courage to change the

things I can,

and the wisdom to hide

the bodies of those people

I had to kill because

they pissed me off!