24 January 2006

Full Steam Ahead

I (and some others) had a big meeting with the Supe yesterday to talk about the elementary science plans. His reaction was basically, "Why wouldn't we do this?" in terms of running our own kit center, media center, and creating our own alignment. Our district will save over $200,000 within four years. No small change, even without the budget crunch we're in.

Tomorrow begins the retooling process for one of the kits. I am really excited about the plan that's laid out and the opportunity to work through it with a small group of teachers on a single kit before we try to apply things on a grand scale.

Thursday will be more work on the kit...but after I make an appearance at the "retreat" for junior high administrators to talk about secondary science. Everyone's worried about their teachers---and they should be. But I'll do the best I can to talk about what's around the corner and how they can be helpful. In the afternoon, it's off to another elementary to talk about inquiry...and unveil the district plan for their science program.

And Friday? So far, I have five meetings on the calendar at four different locations. I'll get to see a lot of the county as I race around to work with teachers and other staff members.

It is also the last week of the semester. I'm trying to finish up my grading for my class, get their final exam prepared, and all of the other considerations that come with still being in the classroom part-time. My students have not been getting all of the attention that they need. "Full steam ahead" in other areas means that they're getting steamrolled for now. Hopefully, February will be different.

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