27 January 2006

End of Round One

Today marked the end of the first semester. I have had so much on my plate the last two weeks that it was Tuesday before I really realized that we were wrapping up the first half of the year. There are times that I truly don't know where the time goes.

I had five meetings today...originally scheduled for four separate locations. One of the meetings was moved and so I only have to appear in three places. I liked the first three meetings of the day---each one was with just one teacher. It is good to have some time to sit down and talk about their individual needs. The third teacher was the one who had me come and do some "bubbleology" with her kids. She had had them take an assessment this week so that we could see how much of the science process piece they've internalized during our work this year. We feel pretty hopeful in looking at the responses. The vast majority of kids seem to get it, but they don't understand what the prompt is asking them to write. This is fixable...and we have three more months until the WASL. We can help them learn how to better show what they know.

Representatives of the area consortium arrived back in Curriculum and I scurried back for meeting number four. They did little more than reinforce the view that they are incompetent when it comes to fulfilling the science needs of our district (and others). These are not dumb people, mind you, it's just that they haven't a clue how to tackle the tasks that need completion for elementary science.

Finally, I got to sit with the other specialists and the Boss Lady and talk about ways to streamline the way we provide information to principals and teachers. I really think that we'll be able to create something wonderful.

There was lots of other good news today. My heart is light this Friday as I look forward to a three-day weekend...and round (semester) two of the school year.

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